4 Tips And Tricks For Fortnite Battle Royale #1

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How’s it going guys and welcome to AmazingTrends! My name is Angel and today we’re gonna go over 5 tips and tricks for Fortnite: Battle Royale. With Fortnite’s growing popularity it’s a no brainer that everyone is shooting to become the best. Since Fortnite has recently came to mobile I don’t think there is any better time than now to learn these awesome tips.  It’s so crazy how literally one choice can be the reason whether you get that W or take that L. By the way this list is not ranked from best to worst, I think that all of these can be equally as useful. Anyways guys without further ado let’s jump right into it.


Parachute Away From The Island

We learn quickly that we should always be the ones dropping first so we can get to the guns first. A lot of players tend to drop right onto the town and a lot of players also tend to drop right before the town their planning on going to. Guys I used to do the exact same thing but once I started parachuting away from the island I learned that you actually drop a lot more. Since you are dropping away from the island where the water is, you can drop a lot lower than you usually would be able to. On the island you’ll be put at a certain distance away from the ground which isn’t as great as this. Alright guys so here I am dropping on the island and as you can see I was forced to parachute pretty quickly. Now I’m parachuting away from the island and wow just look at that guys were actually able to get much closer to the island than if we tried dropping right on it. This is awesome guys and this is definitely a must do if you wanna get #1 Victory Royale on Fortnite.


Your Inventory

Something very minor but can save you in the long run is managing your inventory slots. These quick slots are the six square boxes that your guns, medical supplies, and your grenades take up. Let me tell you guys I don’t know how many times this has saved me, a really well managed inventory can save you from so many dangerous situations. You want to make sure that you are prioritizing specifically to your needs. You want arrange your items to where you know they’re gonna be so when you need to quickly change to a gun or you quickly need to heal. You already know where that item is instead of having to look where it is and waste time. Alright guys as you  can see I’m on fortnite here and look how I have my guns with each other and my grenades and medical supplies on the left. Now when I have my assault rifle out I know where my pump shotgun is so I can quickly switch to it if an enemy appears right in front of me. (show examples here) Now this is what you don’t want guys, everything is all mixed together and unorganized that you’ll be more likely to mess up in a gunfight and die. (show examples here) As you guys saw this tip can really give you the advantage over players and I highly suggest you take this tip with you into your next game.


Learn The Sounds

Everything you do on Fortnite makes some kind of sound. If it’s walking around on the green grass, drinking a potion, or when you’re emoting with your friends in the lobby, there will always be some sort of sound. Learning the sounds of the different kinds of guns and also learning the sounds of environment could be really helpful. This can applied in so many ways it’s insane. You can figure out if your enemy is above you, the room next to you, below you. You can find out if he’s on the grass, wood, stone, all this can make you that much better of a player.


Pulse Nades

This is a little trick that I’ve been using in my games. I used to think this was a grenade that did extra damage but I was totally wrong. These grenades send whatever is near it flying away which is perfect to get enemies away from you. However not many people know that you can actually use them on yourself to send you flying the direction you want. This could be implemented in many different scenarios. For example if you are desperately trying

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